They have all the makings of great models, Oh, and the car too…

My daughter Molly surprised (and thrilled) us all earlier this year by Entering the Girlfriend magazine cover girl competition, as Australia’s premier modelling competition its been running for 22 years and has seen many gorgeous girls rise to stardom including Abby-Lee, Samantha Harris, and more recently the lovely Jemma Baines.

Molly wasn’t the Cover Girl for 2012 but WOW ….. She had an amazing experience, met some great girls and also clinched a 3 year deal with Chic Model Management. One of the sweetest things to come out of the Competition was the new formed friendship with South Australian entrant Lizzy ( Twiggy reincarnated) . She visited us in Perth during the school holidays and the following photo shoot soon followed- a bit of school holiday fun and some timeless images which will remind them of a wonderful time in their lives.

We had no idea on location we just went for a drive, and there parked behind Maylands Cafe strip the most amazing 1961 EK Holden Vintage in scrumptious retro Turquoise , as we approached so did the friendly owner- Only to throw us the keys saying “Move it if you want” (Only in Perth) and allowed us to shoot away, we were thrilled with the results………..But we did have 3 gorgeous models to work with- Thanks to Molly, Lizzy and the EK.

Molly in 1961 EK Holden

Kind of like a girlfriend roadtrip……. in a carpark

For the Car buffs….Why It’s…… Hydramatic…..1961 EK Holden

EK Holden

Featured minor styling changes and mechanical improvements. Also introduced Holden’s first automatic transmission (the GM America-sourced three-speed Hydramatic) which was well-suited to the 2.26 litre engine, with performance and economy not far short of manual shift versions. Also featured three speed electric windscreen wipers, replacing the previous vacuum unit.

EK Classic Car Information from Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.39.39 PM Holden History 1960's

Ok, here we go……….. Blog launch day 1…. Am I mad?

Having  already spent too many hours on Facebook and Pinterest (Yes- I’m addicted) , I find myself here…..Starting a blog! Yes, a  blog as if my time is not already mis-managed enough.

You see, I just love gorgeous, pretty, vintage, sparkly ,beautiful things, especially pieces of our past that evoke my emotions and those of the people around me. We’ve all heard, “My Mother had one of those” or “That was the toy I always wanted as a child”………… well that’s why I’m here, I hope to share my images, designs, recipes and vintage pretties with the blogging world…………. So here goes. ( I kind of feel like I am talking to myself at this point)


DesignVintage postcard

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